February 2016

5 Reasons to Invest in Mid-Century Modern Furniture

"It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Mid-Century Modern furniture – that iconic style of the 50s and 60s – is still popular today. The designs, which range from sleek and elegant to curvaceous and funky, have become part of the indoor landscape in homes around the country"

PressYuri Yanchyshyn
December 2013

The Man Who Preserves the Furniture
from The Wall Street Journal

Scattered around Yuri Yanchyshyn's studio in Long Island City, N.Y., are high-powered microscopes, hundreds of wood samples and an extraordinary array of tools and application materials ... One of his most challenging projects, the 63-year-old Detroit native says, was a 1930s Frederick Kiesler dresser owned by a private collector. "It had been improperly restored with an incorrect veneer." This meant he had to identify the right veneer and then match the degraded original coating. Working with two of his staff, it took two months to restore the piece ... "Yuri has an intuition of how far to go with restoring," says Horace "Woody" Brock, an economist and avid collector of fine arts, whose collection of English Regency furniture and decorative arts is now part of Boston's Museum of Fine Arts.

PressYuri Yanchyshyn
September 2010

Timeless Technique
from Avenue Magazine

For more than thirty years, furniture conservator Yuri Yanchyshyn has worked with fine furniture and objects, keeping them stable, aesthetically appealing and historically faithful. He's known for repairing a loose chair leg or a scratch on a bureau as though such flaws never existed.

PressYuri Yanchyshyn