February 2016

Advances in Wood Identification and Thereby Attributions
from Maine Antique Digest

The February issue of Maine Antiques Digest published an article by Yuri Yanchyshyn entitled "Advances in Wood Identification and Thereby Attributions." It can be found here.

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February 2015

It is (Almost) All in the Mind: Guarding Against Furniture Fakes
from Chubb Collectors

There have been copies sold for as long as human beings have valued particular types of objects. During the Roman Republican period and early Empire there was a robust trade in copies of Greek statuary. This article can be read in its entirety here.

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September 2013

Issues in Furniture Conservation
from Appraising Art — The Definitive Guide to Appraising the Fine and Decorative Arts, published by the The Appraisers Association of America

Appraisers assess furniture for a variety of reasons: to determine valuation for insurance, estate tax, or gifting purposes; or to determine an object's condition prior to transit. see pp. 80-83

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October 2012

Caring for Mid-Century Modern Furniture
from AXA Art

Mid-century modern furniture is in demand by collectors, who prize its typically sleek aesthetic and diversity of styles. But furniture from this era comes with some innate issues, due to the large number of nontraditional materials used in its creation. (Click here to continue.)

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March 2011

Care and Preservation of Historic Furniture
from the Art of Leadership Series, The Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 4, March 2011

It could be your grandmother’s china cabinet, a chest brought back by a relative from overseas, a handmade table purchased directly from the artist or a period chair that is part of a larger collection. (Click here to read the entire article.)

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December 2008

Caring for Fine Antique Furniture
from the MHMC Newsletter, published by the Mary Helen McCoy Gallery

If you have the good fortune to own fine antique furniture, you have a responsibility to preserve it for future generations. (Click here to read the entire article.)

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June 2000

Historic Furniture — Care and Preservation
from ACE Culture Notes

Proper care of furniture begins with understanding and appreciation of the unique characteristics of each piece of furniture within its surrounding environment. This article outlines some of the most critical environmental issues which affect the preservation of furniture. (Click here to continue.)

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