What is anoxic fumigation?

Utilizing argon, an inert gas, anoxic fumigation is a proven method of removing biopredation and is safe and non-toxic to humans, leaves no residue, and is harmless to most art objects. Wooden objects such as furniture or panel paintings as well as textiles such as costumes, embroideries, tapestries, rugs or carpets can be treated. In addition, natural history collections or taxidermy models are excellent candidates for this method. Major museums utilize anoxic fumigation or similar approaches since the alternative, a poisonous gas, lingers in the atmosphere and contributes to global warming.

The treatment entails preparing a leak-proof envelope which encompasses the object(s) and substituting the air inside with argon gas. Treatment lasts approximately six weeks, and objects large or small, or whole collections can be treated onsite or in our facility.

We have successfully treated:

  •  period  and contemporary furniture
  •  period and contemporary paintings and their frames
  •  contemporary art objects
  •  panel paintings
  •  historic textiles
  •  period and contemporary carpets
  •  archival documents

Anoxic fumigation is but one technique of an integrated pest management strategy. We suggest an initial assessment to determine the most cost effective solution for your needs.

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 An 18c period armchair undergoing anoxic fumigation

An 18c period armchair undergoing anoxic fumigation