"When you work with Yuri, you're getting much more than you think."
Cynthia Volk, Director, Cynthia Volk Fine Arts
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Period Furniture Conservation solves even complex furniture conservation problems creatively and in a way that allows each example to retain as much of its original integrity as possible. When a piece of furniture leaves our studio, it will look as close as the years — and ethics — allow to when it first left the original artisan’s shop.

We begin with a full analysis and then propose a course of treatment that adheres to the ethical guidelines of the American Institute of Conservation (AIC), including:
Honoring the original artisan's intentions.
Preserving all the original material, including the surface coating.
Ensuring that most procedures that we employ can be readily undone in future conservation treatments.

This preserves — or even restores — the value of your piece of furniture and ensures that it will continue to evoke interest and admiration for generations to come.

Most work is performed in our Long Island City studio which is temperature and humidity controlled and features color corrected lighting. We also travel throughout the United States, performing work onsite at your residence.

Period Furniture Conservation, 888 Newark Avenue, Studio 535 Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ 07306P. 212.255.7426 F. 212.208.4520